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The Barn Owl with its heart-shaped face is 18" high with a wing span of 44". These highly valued, rodent-eaters will have an ideal residence in this very large Barn Owl House which comes with wood chips.
$5.00 from every box sold goes to the
International Barn Owl Restoration Project.

Dimensions: 17" high x 20" wide x 26" deep

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Barn Owl House
Hawk Eye Camera: 

Bird House FeaturesBird House Features
Hawk Eye Color CameraHawk Eye Color Camera

Introducing the Hawk Eye Nature Cam, a miniature marvel that brings full color, real-time video action from the Great Out-of-doors right into the living room.

Whether focused on owls or wrens raising their young in a birdhouse, squirrels raiding the bird feeder, or hummingbirds drinking nectar, the Hawk Eye Nature Cam shows you the real-time, live action in bright, living color on your television.

Simply mount the Hawk Eye in a birdhouse, next to a feeder, or anywhere you want to watch wildlife or horses and other livestock, or pets, or . . . the possibilities are endless. Run the camera's 100-foot cord into the house, plug it into the television, then sit back, relax, and get ready to be astonished.

During the day the scene will be in bright, living color. When the sun sets and the light begins to fade, the Hawk Eye's infrared lights take over, bathing the area in invisible light enabling you to continue watching in total darkness. There's even a built-in microphone so you can hear bird calls and songs, the wind and the rain, and all the other sounds of nature we so often miss while cooped up inside. The Hawk Eye also comes with a protective weather shield, so it can be used anywhere inside or out.

The Hawk Eye . . . it turns your birdhouse and backyard into an entertainment center. The Hawk Eye is a color cam, with infrared night vision, built in microphone, and a weather shield so it can be used inside and out. Comes fully wired with 100' RCA (audio-, video-in) cable. Although the image is color, be aware that colors inside a birdhouse will be muted. (Bird house not included)

Hawk Eye Nature Cam Video

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Hawk Eye Color Camera
HEVCRetails at $159.95Our Sale Price: $129.95

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